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A.L. “The Crown Prince” has accomplished a task that rarely even registers in the minds of most artists. He has managed to excel in a world dominated by 'gangsta rap' this and 'bad neighborhood' that stereotypes. Growing up in Compton , California , A.L. fostered a love for his community and his exceptional drive seemed to elevate all he has encountered. It was the everyday happenings in his community that motivated A.L. to change the unequal world he was born into.

While attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School , A.L. diversified himself by joining an array of organizations. He was positioned as the running back for the Jackrabbits where he developed a love for teamwork. While in High School, A.L. began his musical career by forming a group called “The Merc Boys”. They wrote, recorded and performed all throughout the Long Beach and Los Angeles area at events, local parties, and venues.

After graduating from high school, A.L. moved onto Colorado State University where he obtained a degree in English Literature. At Colorado State A.L. hustled to perfect his music, and sound. He marketed himself, opening for celebrity performers Lupe Fiasco and Ludacris while at school. At the same time, A.L. also purposely and strategically performed at local events and college parties—marketing himself where any opportunity presented itself. It was in college that A.L. recorded his first album entitled “A.L. The Crown Prince”.

Since his completion of his undergraduate degree, A.L. currently coaches football at Long Beach Polytechnic High School . This is extremely important to him, as he feels this is one way he can give back to his community. He is also continuing his musical career by performing throughout Southern California at venues such as The Knitting Factory in Hollywood , Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills , Crash Mansion in Downtown Los Angeles, and The Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica . A.L.’s goal is to bring people together, and help them see what they are capable of through his music. It is in his music where hea tells stories that show how hard work, perseverance and determination are critical in obtaining success in life.
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